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dm Company: Good Riddance Pest Management
Ownership: Mr. Ronald Worthy
Address: P.O. Box 805884, Chicago, IL. 60680-4120

Phone: 1 (872) 444-5094

When protecting your home or business, we apply a comprehensive approach to finding the source of your pest problem and implementing a permanent solution. Our aim towards protection is to assess, resolve, and control your pest problem.

Inspection and Evaluation. Each Good Riddance service begins with an initial inspection of your property to identify what present conditions are attracting pests to your property. We want to know exactly which pests are present, their population, and what damage they may have caused. By assessing your property, we can determine if action is necessary. It should be noted that not all insects require control. If action is needed, we will work with you to find effective methods of prevention and take the proper control strategy.

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The Good Riddance approach consists on Integrated Pest Management. IPM, as it’s called, focuses on the long-term prevention of pests. Rather than simply eliminating the pest we see now, we want to make your home or business unfavorable for pests. Using a combination of controls including traps, barriers, and non-risky products, we protect your home for now and later.

IPM relies on partnership and communication. It is Good Riddance’s mission to work with you and educate you on taking preventive measures to make sure that pests are no longer a problem. In accordance to our mission, you will receive documentation of all services performed and recommendations on keeping your property safe and healthy.

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Good Riddance Pest Management performs compliance inspections for businesses needing to keep up their certification. If the EPA, USDA, FDS, DOC, DOT, or your local or state health department inspects your facility, we want to be there to assist in the inspection. Let us help you in maintaining your reputation by giving Good Riddance a call today.

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